Do your startups need international talent?

Remote went from seed to unicorn using our global hiring infrastructure, and your startup portfolio can do the same! Partner with us for exclusive discounts on our global payroll, benefits, and compliance solutions.

Why do partners love Remote?

  • Modern HR platform

    Share a payroll, benefits, and compliance platform your startups will love

  • Exclusive savings

    Accelerate your startups’ growth without draining their cash reserves

  • Market-leading solutions

    Partner with the most-trusted employer of record and contractor management solution in the industry


It’s good to share.

You recommend Remote to your startups portfolio, and we give them a special discount on our employer of record and contractor management solutions. It’s that simple.

Work with our team to build the best discount for your startups. Offers could include:

Up to 20% Off Employees

Up to 20% off our employer of record services on all full-time hires made in their first year with Remote.

Up to 20% Off Contractors

Up to 20% off our contractor management services during their first year with Remote.

Global Growth Assessment

Free 30-minute consultation with one of our HR experts to evaluate their future growth plans and global employment needs.

Stock Option Support

Free 30-minute expert consultation to review their current equity plan and evaluate how to offer stock options to an international workforce.

EOR Transfer Assessment

Free cost savings analysis for switching EOR providers, plus a streamlined transition plan to ensure continuity in their hiring, onboarding, benefits, compliance, and much more.

Giving startups an easier way to expand

No matter where in the world your startups are staffing up, we've got them covered. Now, they’ll have one easy solution to employ teams in any country legally and compliantly. Give them access to our localized payroll, benefits, tax solutions, and more at a fraction of the retail cost!

Easy-to-use HR platform

Our all-in-one platform makes it easy for growing companies to onboard and pay engineers, salespeople, and every role in between in any location, so they can stay focused on driving their business forward.

  • Add employees and contractors in one browser window.
  • One-click salary simulations, payroll approvals, and more.
  • We handle local taxes and complex labor laws so they don’t have to.

Built-in IP protection

We understand what it requires for a startup to pass inspection for a liquidity event, like an IPO or acquisition. That’s why we make the security of their data, intellectual property, and invention rights a top priority.

  • No intermediaries means more transparency during audits.
  • Remote ensures ironclad protection for IP and invention rights.
  • We own the full-stack in each country for maximum reach and protection.

World-class employee experience

Always keeping startups one step ahead, we empower them with the most competitive benefits package in each country.

  • Best-in-class local benefits and perks for every country.
  • Manage offer letters, payroll, and time off all in one place.
  • 24/7 self-serve platform access for all employees.

Faster contractor payments

Remote takes the guesswork out of invoicing and payments no matter where your contractors live.

  • Approve or reject invoices in a single click.
  • Get contracts tailored to local labor laws.
  • Pay workers in more than 100 different countries’ currencies.

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